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SOS Five Greek Islands in great danger

The islands of Amorgos, Kimolos, Kithira, Sikinos and Tinos share the landscape and cultural wealth of the Cyclades, which give them an incomparable environmental value. This iconic landscape, which forms a vital part of Greek and also European identity, is formed by the harmonious coexistence between the Aegean Sea, hills, mountains, traditional settlements, monuments and archaeological sites. This multi-layered landscape is in grave danger due to proposals for the installation… …


Ideas to Postpone the End of the World- a book by Ailton Krenak

“Ailton Krenak’s ideas inspire, washing over you with every truth-telling sentence. Read this book.” — Tanya Talaga, bestselling author of Seven Fallen Feathers Indigenous peoples have faced the end of the world before. Now, humankind is on a collective march towards the abyss. Global pandemics, extreme weather, and massive wildfires define this era many now call the Anthropocene. From Brazil comes Ailton Krenak, renowned Indigenous activist and leader, who demonstrates that… …


Feeding Dual Power: Food Sovereignty, Anti-Fascism and other Pandemic Struggles

VOID NETWORK (Athens-Greece) written by Gene Ray and George Sotiropoulos “Seek ye first for food and clothing, then the kingdom of God will fall to you also” G.W.F. Hegel, letter to Knebel, 30 August 1807 We watch in horror, as the global explosion of the Sars-CoV-2 virus continues. The spreading medical emergency starkly reveals the real wages of neoliberalism and its extractive austerities. Gutted national healthcare systems that put profit… …

Global movement

It’s Not Just the Amazon — Massive Fires Are Burning All Over the World

While the Amazon burns, many other fires are burning across the world, some even larger and more widespread than those in the Amazon.   The fires in the Amazon have been among the top news stories in the world for the past week because it is such an iconic location that is so important to the global ecosystem. However, it is important to note that these events come at a… …

Global movement

Don’t Burn Trees to Fight Climate Change / Let Them Grow – By Bill McKibben

Οf all the solutions to climate change, ones that involve trees make people the happiest. Earlier this year, when a Swiss study announced that planting 1.2 trillion trees might cancel out a decade’s worth of carbon emissions, people swooned (at least on Twitter). And last month, when Ethiopian officials announced that twenty-three million of their citizens had planted three hundred and fifty million trees in a single day, the swooning intensified. Someone… …


How Capitalism Torched the Planet by Imploding Into Fascism- by Umair Haque

Why Catastrophic Climate Change is Probably Inevitable Now –  Sometimes, when I write scary essays, I encourage you not to read them. This one’s different. It’s going to be brutal, scary, jarring, and alarming. But if you want my thoughts on the future, then read away. It strikes me that the planet’s fate is now probably sealed. We have just a decade in which to control climate change — or goodbye,… …

Void Network News

International Call Against Cop15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen December 2009

The catastrophe is real and climate change is one of its many symptoms. The COP15’s inevitable talk of “saving the world from the climate crisis” is an elaborate hoax to disguise the COP15’s true purpose: to restore the legitimacy of global capitalism by inaugurating an era of “green” capitalism. A new rhetoric of “saving the climate” will exist to justify their repression, their fortified borders, their colonial resource wars. To… …

Global movement

A convenient truth about climate change: why most of the major powers really want global warming by David Lempert and Hue Nhu Nguyen

A convenient truth about climate change: why most of the major powers really want global warming by David Lempert and Hue Nhu Nguyen 12/02/2009 If you read the international press, it is easy to be convinced that the international “debate” about global warming is about whether international organisations and country governments are able to “wake up” to alarming news about the future of the planet. But if you actually read… …

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