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Creating Common Wealth and Cracking Capitalism: A cross-reading by John Holloway’s, Michael Hardt / Tony Negri’s books

In the first of a two part correspondence, John Holloway and Michael Hardt discuss some common themes that have emerged from their most recent books “Crack Capitalism” and “CommonWealth” and touch of the topics of organisation, democracy and institutionalism. The second part of the exchange will be published in Issue 15 of Shift magazine. July 2010 Dear John, One of the things I love about ‘Crack Capitalism’, which it shares… …

Global movement

John Holloway: Of Despair and Hope

                    To the misfits of the world, to all of us who do not conform to the closing of humanity: Now, more than ever, the world looks two ways at once. One face looks towards a dark, depressing world. A world of closing doors. A closing of lives, of possibilities, of hopes. These are times of austerity. You must learn to… …

Global movement

Doing In-Against-and-Beyond Labour , By John Holloway

    Doing In-Against-and-Beyond Labour , By John Holloway (1) At the heart of the social movements of recent years, at least in their more radical variants, is a drive against the logic of capitalist society. The so-called social movements are not organised as parties: their aim is not to take state power. The goal is rather to reverse the movement of a society gone mad, systematically mad. The movements… …

Global movement

1968 and Doors to New Worlds by John Holloway

1968? Why talk about 1968? There are so many urgent things happening. Let’s talk of Oaxaca and Chiapas and the danger of civil war in Mexico. Let’s talk of the war in Iraq and the rapid destruction of the natural preconditions of human existence. Is this really a good moment for old men to sit back and reminisce? But perhaps we need to talk of 1968 because, even in the… …

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