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History: The Namibia Genocide.The first genocide of the 20th century. Horrifying Secrets of Germany’s Earliest Holocaust.

  When you hear of Death Camps and Genocide, Nazi Germany and world war two come to mind. But Germany had practiced it’s murderous craft over sixty years before WWll. Before the Armenian Genocide, before the Jewish Genocide over 150,000 Herero and Nama peoples of modern-day Namibia were murdered by the order of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany between 1904 and 1909.  Along the coastline of Namibia runs the Namib desert, a 1,200 mile long strip of unwelcoming… …

Global movement

Running in the Shadows / Children on Their Own By IAN URBINA

Clinton Anchors, 18, in Medford, Ore.,has been on his own, living in the streets and camping in the woodssince he was 12.Running in the Shadows Children on Their OwnThis is the first of two articles originaly published in New York Times on the growing number of young runaways in the United States, exploring how they survive. Running in the Shadows Children on Their Own By IAN URBINA Published in N.Y.… …

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