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Haiti: Prelude to a Revolution-Mass Protests, Like in France, Threaten Modern Oligarchic Structure

VOID NETWORK express solidarity to the people of Haiti in revolt. Their struggle is our struggle, their passion for freedom and end of inequality and exploitation resonates all around the world. SLAVES BREAK OFF YOUR CHAINS- WE ARE EVERYWHERE- WE ARE READY TO EXPLODE   Jovenel Moïse, the corrupt US backed president of Haiti, is faced with a rapidly spreading insurrection. The population had resoundingly rejected his claim to authority… …

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DUB UNITY SAT.24/11/2018 Theater EMBROS- EARTH S.O.S. Festival

DUB UNITY / earth S.O.S. festival REGGAE DUB | ROOTS | DRUM N BASS SATURDAY 24/11/2018 Occupied Self Organised Theater EMBROS Riga Palimidi 2 / Psiris area Athens Μέρος των εσόδων του φεστιβάλ θα διατεθεί στην «Πρωτοβουλία Κατοίκων της Σαμοθράκης Ενάντια Στην Κατασκευή Αιολικού Πάρκου»  για την στήριξη του αγώνα τους ενάντια στο καταστροφικό σχέδιο εγκατάστασης 39 ανεμογεννητριών στα βουνά της και την μετατροπή 35.000 στρεμμάτων του νησιού σε… …

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ΜΕ ΚΑΤΕΥΘYΝΣΗ ΤΗΝ ΑΝΑΡΧΙΑ- κάθε βήμα είναι ένα εμπόδιο- Τάσος Σαγρής / Κενό Δίκτυο

Το κείμενο αποτελεί συνεισφορά στον διεθνή διάλογο που ενεργοποίησαν οι Crimethinc (ΗΠΑ) μετά το 2012 με θέμα ” Αναρχική Κριτική στην Δημοκρατία” και ολοκληρώθηκε με την δημοσίευση του βιβλίου From Democracy to Freedom (Από την Δημοκρατία στην Ελευθερία) το οποίο εκδόθηκε στις ΗΠΑ (2017) και την Γερμανία (2018). Στο βιβλίο εκτός από το παρών κείμενο συμπεριλαβάνονται θέσεις και αναλύσεις που πηγάζουν από την συμμετοχή στα κοινωνικά κινήματα  στην Ισπανία, τις ΗΠΑ,… …

Global movement

Tracking the battles for environmental justice: here are the world’s top 10

Environmental justice activism is to this age what the workers’ movement was for the industrial age – one of the most influential social movements of its time. Yet, despite its consistent progress since the 1970s, environmental justice protests seem to get lost in the morass of information on broader environmental issues. In contrast, labour conflicts, including strikes and lock-outs, carry such gravity that the International Labour Organization tracks these on a systematic… …

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After the initial wave of terror and fury, my post-election tactic has mostly been dissociation. Out of safety, out of self-protection. I know that ignoring these truths won’t save me- that I need to engage, to stand in solidarity with the homies- with the scientists- with the immigrants and children of immigrants- with the Muslims- with the Mexicans- with the queers- with the artists.. but something about the way the… …

Global movement


Tonight, for the second night in a row, approximately 20,000 police armed with the best crowd control technology money can buy utterly lost control of downtown Hamburg. Last night was bad enough, with clashes and decentralized attacks continuing well past sunrise; tonight they were forced to withdraw completely from the Schanze neighborhood for several hours, as barricades burned in the intersections and thousands of people of all walks of life joyously… …

Global movement

WELCOME TO HELL – G20 in Hamburg 2017 – video archives of a social revolt

Solidarity from Athens to all the people fighting in Hamburg. The struggle will continue until the destruction of global capitalism and national states. VOID NETWORK THIS IS HELL – HAMBURG 6-9 JULY 2017 against G20 The residents of Hamburg woke up this morning to the news that a large number of Porsches had been burned in the outskirts last night, giving an indication of the ungovernable energy with which… …

Global movement

In Trump’s America, ‘Felony Riot’ Charges Against Inauguration Protesters Signal Dangerous Wave of Repression by Sarah Lazare

More than 200 people mass arrested in Washington, D.C. facing up to 10 years in prison. More than 200 people who were mass-arrested at the Washington, D.C. protests against the inauguration of Donald Trump have been hit with felony riot charges that are punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Those picked up in the sweep—including legal observers and journalists—had their phones, cameras and other personal belongings confiscated as… …

Global movement

Occupy protesters take over disused London courthouse to hold ‘mock trials’… after arriving by TANK!

  Around 50 Occupy protesters stormed a derelict court building in London today after driving there in a tank on a mission to bring ‘those responsible’ for the economic crisis to justice. They have vowed to hold mock trials at Old Street Magistrates’ Court for alleged corrupt politicians and greedy bankers using real solicitors before a retired judge. The group also includes a new offshoot comprising ex-servicemen who call themselves… …

Global movement

From neoliberalism to ecologism: what needs to happen next? Nick Meynen

The alternatives to neoliberalism – including a new community type of agriculture and community-owned green energy, local currencies, peer-to-peer networks and a sharing economy – are already here and unfolding right now. All we need is a revolution writes NICK MEYNEN TTIP, bargain sales of crown jewels of states, Panama-Paper-scale tax evasions, fast-tracks for dirty mining companies in Greece, expulsions to make place for Special Economic Zones and new zones… …

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ΣΥΝΕΛΕΥΣΗ-ΕΝΗΜΕΡΩΣΗ για τις Ελεύθερες Αυτοδιοικούμενες γειτονιές της εξεγερμένης Κωσταντινούπολης ΚΥΡ. 24/1 / ΕΜΠΡΟΣ Info-Talk about the Self- Organised neighborhoods of Istanbul in Occupied Theatre Embros in Athens

Open Assembly and Info-Talk about the Self- Organised neighborhoods of Istanbul in Occupied Theatre Embros in Athens / Sun. 24 January 2016 / starts at 19.00 ΣΥΝΕΛΕΥΣΗ-ΕΝΗΜΕΡΩΣΗ  για τις Ελεύθερες Αυτοδιοικούμενες γειτονιές της εξεγερμένης Κωσταντινούπολης  ΚΥΡΙΑΚΗ 24/1 ώρα 19.00  Ελεύθερο Αυτοδιαχειριζόμενο  Θέατρο ΕΜΠΡΟΣ  (Ρ.Παλαμήδη 2, Ψυρρή, Αθήνα) Πριν λίγο καιρό έφτασε στα χέρια μας αυτή η επιστολή-πρόταση από μία Ελληνίδα που ζει στην Τουρκία, την Όλγα. “Θέλω καταρχήν να σας μιλήσω πολύ σύντομα,… …

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ΜETA TIΣ ΣΥΓΚΡΟΥΣΕΙΣ; Aνοιχτή Συζήτηση με την συλλογικότητα CRIMETHINC (Η.Π.Α.) / θέατρο ΕΜΠΡΟΣ Δευτ. 22/9/2014 AFTER THE CREST Open Assembly with the collective CRIMETHINC in Athens Greece

Occupy Planet Earth 2011 ΜETA TIΣ ΣΥΓΚΡΟΥΣΕΙΣ; Τι κάνουμε την περίοδο ανάμεσα στις Ταραχές;Με ποιο τρόπο συνεχίζουμε  και επεκτείνουμε την κοινωνική εξέγερση; ΑΝΟΙΧΤΗ ΣΥΖΗΤΗΣΗ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΣΤΡΑΤΗΓΙΚΗ ΤΗΣ ΕΞΕΓΕΡΣΗΣ ΔΕΥΤΕΡΑ  22 ΣΕΠΤΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2014 ΩΡΑ: 20.30 ΚΑΤΕΙΛΗΜΜΕΝΟ  ΘΕΑΤΡΟ ΕΜΠΡΟΣ Ρ.ΠΑΛΑΜΗΔΗ 2 ΨΥΡΡΗ Τα τελευταία χρόνια, σε πολλές περιοχές του κόσμου ξέσπασαν εκρήξεις διαμαρτυρίας στις οποίες μεγάλα πλήθη ξεχύθηκαν οργισμένα στους δρόμους.   Οι ξεσηκωμοί πήραν διάφορες μορφές αλλά ακόμα και στις πλέον… …

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