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February 2007

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Letter from New York by WarCryCinema (New York Void Network)

My dearest VOID I love you all so much. I am so sorry to be out of touch all these months. It is not because I forget you. I never forget how great you are. It gives me hope in this hell hole. I am working with a very good video collective in NewYork called Glass Bead Collective. They do really goodVJ sets. see their website. But also see… …

Events/Void Network News

Void Reading Group/ Tao Te King by Lao Tse in Tuesday 13 February 2007

Void Reading Group Night (a multi media philosophical enviroment) Tuesday 13 February 2007 Nosotros Free Social Space Themistokleous 66 Exarchia / Athens Greece Void Network people will read parts from Tao Te King by Lao Tse a book that has been written in 10th century before Christ +++ a small historical introduction by Yiannis Raouzeos to the agricultural insurrections that has been taken place in China from 8th to 10th… …

Events/Void Network News

Void Network HISTORY>>ELECTRIC UNIVERSE live concert in Athens for the 15 years anniversary of Void Network

There was more than 6000 people that came to celebrate the 15 years anniversary of Void Network in the Polytechnic University campus.We made the first rave in this campus in 1993…and we keep goin’on. But, for all those years we never invited someone outside of Greece to play in our situations…We knew that if someone will ever come he has to be a real spiritual friend of us… So, that’s… …

Events/Void Network News

Rock multi media Live Concert in Nosotros

Void Network (Theory, Outopia, Empathy, Ephemeral Arts) presents a rock multi media live concert/ 3 bands, 2 video projectors, 3 slide machines: screaming fly empty baraka + void optical arts laboratory [ live improvisational visual artists, void art, political abstraction, slide show, computer arts, digital photography, internet downloads, void archives ] saturday 10 february 2007 starts 9.30 a.m. Nosotros (free social space) themistokleous 66 exarchia Κενό Δίκτυο (Θεωρία, Ουτοπία, Συναίσθηση,… …

Events/Void Network News

Nosotros Free Social Space / Athens

Void Optical Arts Concert in Nosotros D.J. set and Void Optical Arts show in Nosotros “The end of Enlightment: The State” Lecture from George Sagriotis in Nosotros Saturday night outside Nosotros (the left building) 2 months Seminar about Political Philospophy in Nosotros (second floor: Lectures, winter cinema, free Greek language lessons to immigrants, assemblies, social work) Nosotros/ Free Social Space two floors and a big tarrace 1st floor for public… …

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