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Void Network HISTORY>> Prohibit the Prohibitions ! 2ndProtestival 5,6,7 May 2006

Prohibit the Prohibitions! for Justfull, Humanistic and Effective “Drug Politics” 3 days NonStop Music Festival 5,6,7 May 2006 Ex-Hippodromus- Kalithea Athens Greece on stage: One Drop Fwd, Professor Skank, Locomondo, Doc, Paragga Sound System, Iraklis Mindphaser, Raman, Crystal Zero, d.j.Nikitas, Antiksoes Paragoges, Go Over 1000, Direct Connection, Boogie Base, White Noise Discipline, Aera Patera, Iristho En Parodo, Kako Sinapantima, The Dive, No Way Out, Echo Tatoo, Kilimantzaro, Figment-Insense, Funxion, d.j.Dura,…

Events/Void Network News

Travelling in Himalaya (Nepal-North India) slide show photo exhibition by Tasos Sagris and Theodosia Doutsiou friday 13 october 2006 at Nosotros

As Tasos Sagris and Theodosia Doutsiou (Void Optical Arts Laboratories) just arrived from Himalaya (Nepal-North India) we will have the opportunity to organize an exhibition of 2500 photographies of them. Two video projectors, three slide machines and special light instalation will produce a multi media void art environment. D.j Crystal Zero and Sissy Stardust they will be responsible for the sound design of the night and they will play the…

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UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE at polutexnioupoli saturday 14 october 2006 athens greece

Void Network proudly presents some of the best ELECTRO ACID TECHNO and DRUM&BASS d.j.s from Greece in another open air high quality event for the benefit of the underground. Void Network started palying techno in the early nineties and still, today, members of the collective are searching deeper into the techno intelligence to keep the electronic underground out of commercial mainstream clubs. This is difficult in Greece since we have…

Events/Void Network News

ambientracedelica Strefis Hill Friday 29 September 2006

Keno Diktuo VOID NETWORK (Theory,Outopia,Synesthesia,Ephemeral Arts) AMBIENTRANCEDELICA electro acid psychedelic trance Friday 29 September 2006 LOFOS TOU STREFI (Strefis urban Hill) from 22.00 until the morning Support by NATURAL HIGH Crew Line up: >>MIND WARPED Live P.A. (Soular Recs,USA/ California) >>Iralkis Mindphaser >>Crystal Zero >>d.j.Nikitas >>Trifon Nats Lofos tou Strefi >> Strefis Hill>>This is an urban hill overlooking Athens, full of trees, with an ampitheatre that is open for all…

Events/Void Network News

Void Network( Keno Diktuo) proudly presents in Athens : Man With No Name Live Free Concert in Polutexnioupoli University Campus Sat.7oct.2006

Void Network (Theory, Outopia, Empathy, Ephemeral Arts) Keno Diktuo proudly presents : MAN WITH NO NAME Live Free Concert in Athens POLUTEXNIOUPOLI Saturday 7 October 2006 entrance from Katexaki rd. starts 10.30 p.m. Two stages high quality event/ squated open air valley of university campus / cultural activism/ free entrance for the benefit of Underground Resistance Stage1 : MAN WITH NO NAME (Live P.A.) Stavros Svmix Iraklis Mindphaser Dimitris Nats…

Events/Void Network News

Void Network Manifesto

First Attept of Communication We didn’t invent the following ideas…We are just a small wave in an ocean of the evolution of all these ideas, all libertarian atmospheres, dreams and revolutionary plans that keep expanding in the Vast Open Horizon. Void Network (Theory, Utopia, Empathy, Ephemeral Arts) Global Eye (London Void Network) WarCryCinema (New York Void Network) Void Network first appeared in 1990 in Athens with aim the radicalization of…

Events/Void Network News

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Void Network? Void Network was originated as an autonomous affinity group in 1990 in Athens Greece .From then until now and with the participation of Global Eye (London Void Network) and WarCryCinema (New York Void Network) by Void Network have been organized more than 170 public situations in many different countries that attracted from 1000 to 7000 people in Outopian Autonomous Ephemeral Zones (in universities ,squatted buildings, old…

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