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Ένας Χρόνος Φαβέλα! One year Free Social Spave FAVELA 29/3- 1/4

+ [text ENG/GR] (for English scroll down) Ο Ελευθερος Κοινωνικός Χώρος Φαβέλα (Ναυάρχου Βότση 11 Πειραιάς) συμπληρώνει ένα χρόνο λειτουργίας και διοργανώνει εορταστικό τριήμερο εκδηλώσεων. -Πέμπτη 29/3 (στη Φαβέλα): *Στις 20:00 H θεατρική ομάδα του χώρου παρουσιάζει τη νέα της παράσταση, “Bluebird και άλλες ιστορίες…” *Mετά το πέρας της παράστασης θα ακολουθήσει party. ————————–————————–————————–———— -Παρασκευή 30/3 (στη Φαβέλα) : * Στις 19:00 εκδήλωση-συζήτηση “Τα κοινά αγαθά πέρα από την κρατική και… …

Events/Void Network News

Underground Resistance- Sat. 24/12 Electro Techno Zone EMBROS Occupied Theatre

ΚΕΝΟ ΔΙΚΤΥΟ / VOID NETWORK presents UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE Electro TECHNO Zone Saturday 24 December 2016 GEORGE APERGIS ALMOST DEFF DJANE ZOYA ECHOSENSE PROJECT WAR DUAT visuals: VOID OPTICAL ART LABORATORY starts 23.00 Occupied theatre EMBROS Riga Palamidi 3 – Psiris Είμαστε όλοι μπάσταρδοι, τρελοί και ερωτευμένοι. Ζήσε με αυτούς που έχουν επικίνδυνα όνειρα, απελευθερωτικά σχέδια, ριζοσπαστικές επιθυμίες. Ταξίδεψε μέχρι την άκρη του γνωστού σου κόσμου. Αγωνίσου δίπλα σε όσους… …


“DANCING IN THE STREETS A History of Collective Joy” Barbara Ehrenreich book review

        DANCING IN THE STREETS A History of Collective Joy. By Barbara Ehrenreich. 320 pp. Metropolitan Books/ Henry Holt & Company. $26. “Take me out with the crowd,” goes the old baseball song. “I love this crowd,” repeats the classic stand-up comic. Every lecturer knows: the larger the group, the more they become an event for themselves, heightening the attention, the laughs or the emotions. At our… …

Global movement

“Merry crisis and happy new fear – Heavy clashes in Hamburg” by Antifa AK Cologne

This article was written shortly after the occurrences in Hamburg. We cannot bring in all of the impressions this day has left us with and maybe others will draw different analytical consequences, which we look forward to reading and discussing. Our main aim is to try to explain the events from our antinational, anticapitalist perspective here in Germany, especially for our international comrades, who asked about information and who cannot… …

Global movement

Spain’s Micro-Utopias: The 15M Movement and its Prototypes

Dear comrade, for sure there are a lot of projects In this article that Void Network  disagree with them or we could critisize them as naive, non antagonistic, alternative or passive. But we have to agree that there is a lot of inspiration, a lot of creative effort, a lot of fantasy and many many good intentions in all these projects that this article includes. It is the work of… …

Global movement

“Sustainable Prosperity: A Greek Perspective II” by Michalis Theodoropoulos

In Worldwatch Institute Europe’s second article examining the current situation in Greece we explore the particularities behind the current social situation, the ongoing changes taking place within Greek society and the notion of sustainable prosperity as viewed from a Greek standpoint. Worldwatch researcher Eirini Glyki [ ] interviews Michalis Theodoropoulos [ ], European Parliament assistant for the Greek Green Ecologists and responsible for environmental, food safety and health… …

Global movement

TAKE THE CITY! (What´s new in Spanish Revolution)

  Hi comrades! We write you to spread a Spanish´ (Mallorca) iniciative called “take the town” (tomalaciudad). It´s about take empty places (private or statal properties) and make them squares, communitary gardens, places to meet each other and work together (Exarchia´s way). It is a political action based in assamblies, a critic of urban design, building a common space for the people. Sorry my english is not enough to describe… …

Global movement

On the Commons: A Public Interview with Massimo De Angelis and Stavros Stavrides

An Architektur: The term “commons” occurs in a variety of historical contexts. First of all, the term came up in relation to land enclosures during pre- or early capitalism in England; second, in relation to the Italian autonomia movement of the 1960s; and third, today, in the context of file-sharing networks, but also increasingly in the alter-globalization movement. Could you tell us more about your interest in the commons? Massimo De Angelis: My interest… …

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