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Fragments of a Chile in Revolt- Rodrigo Karmy Bolton

Preface  Below are two excerpts from Rodrigo Karmy Bolton’s The Future is Inherited, a compilation of essays and reflections composed during the initial months of the 2019 Chilean uprising, which recently appeared in English.  In October 2019, Transantiago, the Metropolitan Transit system in Chile’s capital, raised the train fare by thirty pesos. In response, high school students planned what they called a Evasión Masiva, a week of coordinated protests across… …

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Chile: Another End of the World is Possible- Original reporting from the uprising

Text & photos by Emilio Brava – Pachakuti: the Aymara term for a global transition, from Pacha (“the Earth” or the Space/Time we inhabit) and Kuti (“Change”). On the 500th anniversary of colonization in 1992, Aymaran spiritual leaders prophesied a new Pachakuti. During which, a period of forty years (1992-2032) would be a time of upheaval as the old world ends and the earth cycles back to the beginning. October 19th, 2019: In Santiago de Chile,… …

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Chile student rising 2011 ( a short Documentary)

  During the education protests in Chile, the students took over schools and streets, demanding free education, and an end to the privatisation of their institutions.    Almost four decades after the dictator Augusto Pinochet implemented this free-market based management of education, the protests are causing a political crisis for the country’s president, Sebastian Pinera. What are the underlying causes that drive the anger?   This short documentary portrays the Chilean student movement… …

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Solidarity to Mapuche communities! Freedom for all Mapuche political prisoners NOW!

From Athens Greece, from Mexico city to London, from New York to Bilbao, from Hamburg to Sofia and from Katmandhou to San Francisco, from all the active cells of Void Network we are expressing our solidarity to the struggle of Mapuche for Mother Earth, for the Dignity and Freedom of their communities, for the Freedom and Dignity of all of us. The Struggle of Mapuche people is our own struggle,… …

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International Solidarity with the 14 kidnapped by the Chilean ‘democracy’

This is a message from Chile Thursday, September 02 2010 @ 08:20 PM UTC   This past Saturday the 14th of August, in the cities of Santiago and Valparaiso, an action coordinated by police of all types (special task forces) violently raided three squatted social centers and many private homes in fives communes. The police intimidated people with weapons of war, broke windows and doors, and took many personal items… …

Global movement

Letter from Chile: The Fourth Generation War and the Anti-Subversive Strategy of the Chilean State

We publish here a commuique from Chile that can offer understandings about the common practices of many different States against the social movements around the world and can make the international solidarity stronger. We have to understand the great need for powerfull bonds between the anatagonistic movements of this world, we have to make the network stronger. This communique is a serious and important analysis that offers questions which will… …

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