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Occupy protesters take over disused London courthouse to hold ‘mock trials’… after arriving by TANK!

  Around 50 Occupy protesters stormed a derelict court building in London today after driving there in a tank on a mission to bring ‘those responsible’ for the economic crisis to justice. They have vowed to hold mock trials at Old Street Magistrates’ Court for alleged corrupt politicians and greedy bankers using real solicitors before a retired judge. The group also includes a new offshoot comprising ex-servicemen who call themselves… …

Void Network News

The Magazin multi media collective and Void Network presents the video clip: “Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl – Chelsea Ives”

The Magazin network multi media collective [ ] and Void Network  presents the video clip:  “Bikini Kill –  Rebel Girl – Chelsea Ives” A tribute to former olympic ambassador Chelsea Ives,  who got caught by the police after the english riots in august 2011 and now is jailed for 2 years. Dedicated to all wild young kids of Planet Earth, ready to explode, ready to show their real face, ready… …

Void Network News

“The August 2011 Riots in Britain” : an analysis

For a few days in August 2011, the riots in Britain’s cities flashed a searing light across the troubled sleep to which we, the ordinary people of that country, have been reduced by three decades of spiritless submission to the logic of capitalism. The only meaningful questions to ask about the riots are: how far did they go in repudiating the society that dominates us, and how can that repudiation… …

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Anarchy in UK: from riot to insurrection in London!?

“the problem for police is that the rioters are different people, doing the same thing, in different places.”  :Scumbag U.K. prime minister. ~ A riot is the POWER of the multitude. The riot is that rupture that accelerates the non-representation of the multitude and denies all claims of codification, political and institutional. The multitude and the riot do not concentrate power nor transform politically, but disperse power and annul the… …

Void Network News

Announcement of Void Network for Solidarity to the English student’s struggle

2nd Announcement of Void Network for Solidarity to the English student’s struggle: Members of English Royal Family are running in panic to hide themselves in luxury theatres, the students are breaking the cordons of police and jump around more free than ever, the people are not obeying anymore, they are not afraid anymore, girls attack the parliament and boys spraing graffities for solidarity to Greece and fragments from “Coming Insurrection”….Everybody… …

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