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ΠΟΙΗΣΗ & ΕΞΕΓΕΡΣΗ Τρίτη 19.4 Νοsotros / POETRY & REVOLT Multi Media Poetry Action

                        ΠΟΙΗΣΗ & ΕΞΕΓΕΡΣΗ [ Μulti Media AudioVisual ] Ιn the multi media event Poetry and Revolt the Void Network celebrates 10 years of participation to the creation and organizing of the Free Social Space NOSOTROS in Exarchia Athens Greece Τρίτη 19.4.2016 ώρα έναρξης 20.30 10 XΡΟΝΙΑ Eλεύθερος Κοινωνικός Χώρος ΝΟSOTROS Θεμιστοκλέους 66 Εξάρχεια ΛΕΞΕΙΣ: ΤΑΣΟΣ ΣΑΓΡΗΣ . ΣΙΣΣΥ ΔΟΥΤΣΙΟΥ ΙΩΑΝΝΑ ΓΑΙΤΑΝΑΡΟΥ… …

Void Network News

Τhe Dark Side of the City | multi media concert | Thur. 25/12/2014 Occupied Theatre Embros Athens

ΚΕΝΟ ΔΙΚΤΥΟ[Θεωρία, Ουτοπία, Συναίσθηση, Εφήμερες Τέχνες]  ΤHE DARK SIDE OF THE CITYmulti media concert  22.00-22.30intro: ΔΗΜΟΣΘΕΝΗΣ( ΣΥΝΤΟΜΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ)23.15-24.15PAVLOS I. PAVLIDIS& MOON PROJECT23.15-24.15ANIMA TRISTE24.15-01.15ΚΩΜΩΔΙΑ ΘΑΝΑΤΟΥ01.15-02.15MELENTINI02.15-03.00LOLA’S BAD03.00-04.00CRUEL ANAGRAMS04.00-endd.j. CHAOTIC MOONVISUAL ART:VOID OPTICAL ART LABORATORY concert SUPPORTED bythe dark side of the sun / collective Thursday / Πέμπτη 25/12/2014starts / έναρξη: 22.00free entrance / είσοδος ελεύθερη Ελεύθερο Αυτοδιαχειριζόμενο Θέατρο ΕΜΠΡΟΣΡ.Παλλαμήδου 2, ΨυρρήOccupied Self-Organised Theatre EmbrosR.Palamidi 2 / Psiris area / Athens Greece Είμαστε μέλη της φτωχότερης γενιάς που… …

Void Network News

Total Freedom World Tour 2013 | 3 days International Experimental Art Festival / WE SHOULD NOT LIVE LIKE SLAVES!/ India Calcutta

Total Freedom World Tour 2013 WE WILL NOT LIVE LIKE SLAVES! 3 days International  Experimental Art Festival FR. 25/ SAT. 26/ SUN. 27  JANUARY 2013 PROSCENIUM’s ART CENTER / CALCUTTA / INDIA 46 A.J.C Bose Road , Kolkata-700016 (Ripon Street Crossing) Further details call-9433048741 Friday 25 + Saturday 26  January 2013 + the Institute [for Experimental Arts] from Athens Greece presents “Freedom of Expression”  2 days Drama Workshop  daily from 11.00 a.m. to… …

Void Network News

The Magazin multi media collective and Void Network presents the video clip: “Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl – Chelsea Ives”

The Magazin network multi media collective [ ] and Void Network  presents the video clip:  “Bikini Kill –  Rebel Girl – Chelsea Ives” A tribute to former olympic ambassador Chelsea Ives,  who got caught by the police after the english riots in august 2011 and now is jailed for 2 years. Dedicated to all wild young kids of Planet Earth, ready to explode, ready to show their real face, ready… …

Void Network News

Void Network presents Utopian Technologies #3 Space Music Free Festival

Void Network  presents  Utopian  Technologies #3  Space Music Free Festival  2 days Live Concerts | d.j. sets Multi Media Arts audio & visual Nosotros / Free Social Space Themistokleous 66 Exarchia Athens / Greece Saturday 20 November 2010 psychedelic ambient trance electronic atmospheres 21.00-22.30 Sundance 22.30-23.30 Demos 23.30-24.30 Echo Evolver 24.30-01.20 Side Liner  01.30-02.30 Sissy Stardust 02.30-03.30 Cabeiri 03.30-04.30 dj Nikitas 04.30-05.30 Crystal… …

Events/Void Network News

Word’s Environments / Poetry Night + Live Concert + Void Art Show

Word’s Environmentsmulti media poetry action   live :monochrome (quetempo rec.)direct connection sound system d.j.set:kinomatix poetry:Yiannis Raouzeos, Anastasios Sagris, Theodosia Doutsiou visual projections / 3video projectors+3slide machinesVoid Optical Arts Laboratories( glarax, a.sagris, nisidis, semeli, m.nikolaou, g.sagri )Thursday 19 April 2007Nosotros Free Social Space Themistokleous 66 / ExarchiaTime: 9 in the night to 3.00 in the late night …

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