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The Fight for Free Education is a Fight against Capitalism

26 May 2007 Talking About Total Freedom>>situation 3>> participation in the demonstration of the students of Hamburg against the obligatory student fees and the comercialization of public education in Europe! It was like a parade of all the powers of German police during a demo of about 500 people! The antifascists came in the front of the demo carying a banner that was sending a clear message: “Education is not… …

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Hamburg University Campus- electro acid psychedelic trance rave for open free public education

Talking About Total Freedom>>situation 2 >>Knallhart_Hamburg University 24 May 2007 It was a very difficult night…. Everything started great…In the afternoon there was a party organized by students of the campaign against the payment of university fees. Police entered university many times and they succeed to stop the party of the university students…For many hours our stage was a chillout area of the students party, a camping area of students… …

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Hamburg- Talking About Total Freedom world tour – Rave Culture Against G8

situation 2> Thursday 24 May> Knallhart electro acid psychedelic trance rave festival against the capitalistic stupidity and the state violence featuring international djs and visual artists from Europe/U.S.A. >>participation in the fight of the university students for a free public education for all people Cafe Knallhart > University Campus Hamburg > for free >>open air+indoor event …

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