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When Futurism Led to Fascism—and Why It Could Happen Again

The Italian Futurists praised invention, modernity, speed, and disruption. Sound familiar? IN 1909, A poet named Filippo Marinetti was driving along in his brand new Fiat when he came across two cyclists in the road. Marinetti swerved to avoid hitting his fellow travelers, sending his car into a ditch and completely destroying the vehicle. Here’s how Marinetti described the encounter: The words were scarcely out of my mouth when I spun… …


Exercise: What Would an Anarchist Program Look Like? – Crimethinc

Every campaign season, political parties publish platforms detailing their promises plank by plank. These platforms are not binding—politicians rarely fulfill their promises, and it’s often worse when they do—but they do offer an outline of the vision each party claims to represent. Anarchists take a different approach: rather than offering a prefabricated blueprint, we propose to work things out together, dynamically, according to the principles of self-determination, horizontality, mutual aid,… …

Φεστιβάλ Ουτοπία- Παρ.02-Σαββ.03-Κυρ.04/02/2018 ΕΜΠΡΟΣ- Festival Utopia in Athens

3 days art festival UTOPIA including paintings, video art, dance, performances, photo exhibition, poetry shows, installations and talks about UTOPIA in Self-Organised Occupied Theater EMBROS (Riga Palamidi 2 – Psiris area- Athens) 3ήμερο Φεστιβάλ ΟΥΤΟΠΙΑ Θέατρο ΕΜΠΡΟΣ (Ρ.Παλαμήδη 2) , Παρ. 2 έως Κυρ. 4 Φεβρουαρίου 2018 80 Καλλιτέχνες και ο Άλλος Άνθρωπος ΕΙΣΟΔΟΣ ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΗ Ουτοπία (ού+τόπος), φανταστικός κόσμος ή κοινωνία, όπου όλα λειτουργούν αρμονικά και τέλεια, ένα μη, ή… …

Events/Void Network News

ΕΠΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΗ και Ουτοπία- μέρος 3ον / Στέφανος Ροζάνης- Πεμ.1/2/2018 NOSOTROS- Κενό Δίκτυο

Η ΕΠΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΗ όπως και ο Χρόνος*, είναι δύο σημαίνοντα τα οποία αναζητούν στην πολύπλοκη και γεμάτη αντιφάσεις εκτύλιξη κοινωνικής-ιστορικής διαδικασίας, την ανανοηματοδότηση τους. Ο 21ος αιώνας ένας άγριος και τρομερός ως προς τα διακυβεύματα του αιώνας, μόλις τώρα αρχίζει πλέον να δείχνει τις φοβερότερες προεκτάσεις του προσώπου του. Χρέος όσων απο εμάς επιζητούν την υπέρβαση αυτών των πλευρών και την συνολικοποίηση μιας διαφορετικής προσέγγισης σύμφωνης με την εποχή μας, που όμως… …


“The New Nihilism” by Peter Lamborn Wilson aka Hakim Bey

  It feels increasingly difficult to tell the difference between—on one hand—being old, sick, and defeated, and—on the other hand—living in a time-&-place that is itself senile, tired, and defeated. Sometimes I think it’s just me—but then I find that some younger, healthier people seem to be undergoing similar sensations of ennui, despair, and impotent anger. Maybe it’s not just me. A friend of mine attributed the turn to disillusion… …


Morning Star: Surrealism, Marxism, Anarchism, Situation-ism, Utopia. by Michael Lowy

Introduction by Donald LaCoss (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2009). When members of the surviving old guard of surrealism declared the movement over in October 1969 in Le Monde, there were many dissenters. International adherents to the idea that surrealism is a state of mind rather than a historical movement affirmed their continued loyalty to its revolutionary principles. Lowy locates these at the intersection of Marxism and anarchism, a mix… …


“DANCING IN THE STREETS A History of Collective Joy” Barbara Ehrenreich book review

        DANCING IN THE STREETS A History of Collective Joy. By Barbara Ehrenreich. 320 pp. Metropolitan Books/ Henry Holt & Company. $26. “Take me out with the crowd,” goes the old baseball song. “I love this crowd,” repeats the classic stand-up comic. Every lecturer knows: the larger the group, the more they become an event for themselves, heightening the attention, the laughs or the emotions. At our… …


“The Anarchist Revelation: Being What We’re Meant to Be” by Paul Cudenec

  An important new book on anarchist thought is now available from Winter Oak Press. The Anarchist Revelation:  Being What We’re Meant to Be  is the latest work by activist and writer Paul Cudenec. Here, he turns his back on contemporary trends of anarchism in a bid to reconnect with the primal force of its root ideology. Cudenec notes the significance of its refusal of the state and its judicial… …


“Beyond the Impossible” by Raoul Vaneigem 2012

“To deny society, one must attack its language.” – Guy Debord. The impossible is a closed universe. Nevertheless, we possess the key to it and, as we’ve suspected for millennia, its door opens on a field of infinite possibilities. More than ever, this field belongs to us, to explore and cultivate. The key is neither magic nor symbolic. The ancient Greeks called it “poetry,” from the verb poiein, to construct,… …

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