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June 2013

Global movement

Slavoj Žižek: “Trouble in Paradise” On the protests in Turkey and Greece

In his early writings, Marx described the German situation as one in which the only answer to particular problems was the universal solution: global revolution. This is a succinct expression of the difference between a reformist and a revolutionary period: in a reformist period, global revolution remains a dream which, if it does anything, merely lends weight to attempts to change things locally; in a revolutionary period, it becomes clear… …


“An Anarchy of Every day Life” by Jeff Shantz from Philosophers for Change

Contemporary anarchism offers a mid-range movement organized somewhere between the levels of everyday life, to which it is closest, and insurrection. Rooted in the former they seek to move towards the latter.  Anarchists look to the aspects of people’s daily lives that both suggest life without rule by external authorities and which might provide a foundation for anarchist social relations more broadly.  This commitment forms a strong and persistent current… …

Local movement

“Η Εξέγερση Που Έρχεται” από την Αόρατη Επιτροπή [ολόκληρο το βιβλίο]

Η εξέγερση που έρχεται – Αόρατη επιτροπή από όποια πλευρά… Απ’ όποια πλευρά και να το δει κανείς, δεν υπάρχει διαφυγή από το παρόν. Αυτή δεν είναι η μικρότερη από τις αρετές του. Σ’ αυτούς που θέλουν απόλυτα να ελπίζουν, τους κλέβει κάθε στήριγμα. Εκείνοι που παριστάνουν ότι διαθέτουν λύσεις, διαψεύδονται στη στιγμή. Είναι πράγμα κατανοητό ότι όλα δε μπορούν να πάνε παρά από το κακό στο χειρότερο. “Το μέλλον… …

Void Network News

“REPORT Message from the Riots in Brasil” from Void Network / Rio De Janeiro section

Hello from Void Network / RIO DE JANEIRO / BRASIL guys! The people of Brasil finaly took the decisions to participate in the global protests AGAINST CAPITALISM AND GOVERNMENTS when the police used so much violence and really abused brutaly kids in the streets… What happened in 13th in Rio was massive! We reached 10000 people in the streets and all the media was there, the journalists freaked out completely, this… …

Local movement

“Η συνέχιση του εμφυλίου με άλλα μέσα” του Άκη Γαβριηλίδη

MEΡΟΣ Α’ Στη μνήμη του Γιάννη Κοντοθανάση Πριν από 50 χρόνια, τελείωσε ο ελληνικός εμφύλιος πόλεμος.                                 Ή μήπως όχι; Η πρόσφατη επέτειος και, δευτερευόντως, η διοργάνωση σχετικού επιστημονικού συνεδρίου προκάλεσαν μερικές κάπως απρόσμενες αντιδράσεις, οι οποίες υπήρξαν αρκετά αποκαλυπτικές για το πώς αντιλαμβάνεται και πώς διεξάγει η ελληνική αστική τάξη τον ασίγαστο πόλεμο που διαπερνά… …

Void Network News

INTERNATIONAL CALL-OUT FROM GREECE: The Days of Our Enslavement are Ending! / ΔΙΕΘΝΕΣ ΚΑΛΕΣΜΑ ΑΠΟ ΤΗΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ: Οι Μέρες της Σκλαβιάς Μας Είναι Μετρημένες !

The mass revolts throughout the world show clearly that human beings begin at last to resist the order of those who command without asking us, the orders of those who think that under their thrones there are willing idiots for serving their interests, loyal subjects who bow their head to the exploitation, the oppression, the inequality and the misery they experience every day. We are not slaves to any government, to… …

Void Network News

8-9 June 2013 – Call for International Solidarity with #OccupyGezi // OCCUPY PLANET EARTH!

Calling on people of all cities of the world! Come out this weekend and reclaim your public spaces to show solidarity with #OccupyGezi and the many waves of protests in Turkey!What began as a small occupation to protect Istanbul’s Gezi Park erupted within a matter of days into massive protests that spread like wildfire across Turkey. A key trigger was the disproportionate use of force by the police. Just as… …

Global movement

Video Channel from insurrected Turkey. Spread the News / Never Trust Mass Media!

This is a youtube channel with videos from revolted Turkey Download them, share them, see them before the censorship delete them from internet! The social uprising in Turkey continues and our friends and comrades in Turkey need the help from all of us. Share the authentic news from underground media sources, express your solidarity with all possible ways, help the message of revolted Turkish people to travel as further as… …

Void Network News

INTERNATIONAL Solidarity to the struggle of Turkish people against Global Totalitarianism!

Turkish state has started a war against the people. Many people are dead. >>> VOID NETWORK EXPRESSES SOLIDARITY FOR THE PEOPLE IN TURKEY AND THEIR STRUGGLE. THE INTERNATIONAL STRUGGLE AGAINST GLOBAL TOTALITARIANISM CONTINUES! WE SHALL OVERCOME! >>> WE INVITE OUR FRIENDS AT SYNTAGMA SQ. ATHENS GREECE Saturday 1st JUNE 2013 at 18.00 Solidarity for Turkish people demo >>>> for more info about the struggle in Turkey:  …

Global movement

Turkish police has started a war against the people. Many people are dead.

VOID NETWORK EXPRESSES SOLIDARITY FOR THE PEOPLE IN TURKEY AND THEIR STRUGGLE.  THE INTERNATIONAL STRUGGLE AGAINST GLOBAL TOTALITARIANISM CONTINUES! WE SHALL OVERCOME! The occupation of Taksim Gezi Park in İstanbul began on May 28th, 2013. Following the police raid in the park area on May 30th, hackers from the RedHack sabotaged the website of the Beyoglu police headquarters in response to the morning attack. The occupation continued, and thousands of… …

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