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Global movement/Theory


After the initial wave of terror and fury, my post-election tactic has mostly been dissociation. Out of safety, out of self-protection. I know that ignoring these truths won’t save me- that I need to engage, to stand in solidarity with the homies- with the scientists- with the immigrants and children of immigrants- with the Muslims- with the Mexicans- with the queers- with the artists.. but something about the way the… …

Local movement

Κάτω τα χέρια από τις καταλήψεις ΔΙΑΔΗΛΩΣΗ Παρ.23/6 Αθήνα / Hands off all the squats Demonstration Fr.23/6 Athens

*[text: Eng/Ελλ] Κάτω τα χέρια από τις καταλήψεις – Κάλεσμα για συγκέντρωση και διεθνή ημέρα δράσης την Παρασκευη 23 Ιουνίου 2017 – ώρα 19.00 Πλατεία Κλαυθμώνος – Αθήνα Hands off the squats – Call for a gathering and international action day on June 23rd – demonstration starts from Klafthmonos square – at 19.00 Κατά τη διάρκεια των τελευταίων μηνών γίναμε μάρτυρες της κλιμακούμενης αντιμεταναστευτικής πολιτικής του κράτους τόσο απέναντι σε πρόσφυγες-… …

Global movement

Occupy protesters take over disused London courthouse to hold ‘mock trials’… after arriving by TANK!

  Around 50 Occupy protesters stormed a derelict court building in London today after driving there in a tank on a mission to bring ‘those responsible’ for the economic crisis to justice. They have vowed to hold mock trials at Old Street Magistrates’ Court for alleged corrupt politicians and greedy bankers using real solicitors before a retired judge. The group also includes a new offshoot comprising ex-servicemen who call themselves… …

Global movement

Germany: Updates from the streets of Berlin, Hamburg and a few other places

SOLIDARITY FROM VOID NETWORK FOR ALL COMRADES IN GERMANY AND HAMBURG THAT FIGHT AGAINST GERMAN STATE IN DEFENSE OF ROTE FLORA AND ALL OCCUPIED SOCIAL CENTERS OF EUROPE! WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!  VOID NETWORK (ATHENS,LONDON,NEW YORK, RIO DE JANEIRO) November 23rd On Saturday, nearly 6,000 protesters marched in the city centre of Berlin during the annual demo in remembrance of comrade Silvio Meier, who was killed by neo-Nazis in 1992.… …

Global movement

Video Channel from insurrected Turkey. Spread the News / Never Trust Mass Media!

This is a youtube channel with videos from revolted Turkey Download them, share them, see them before the censorship delete them from internet! The social uprising in Turkey continues and our friends and comrades in Turkey need the help from all of us. Share the authentic news from underground media sources, express your solidarity with all possible ways, help the message of revolted Turkish people to travel as further as… …


Creating Common Wealth and Cracking Capitalism: A cross-reading by John Holloway’s, Michael Hardt / Tony Negri’s books

In the first of a two part correspondence, John Holloway and Michael Hardt discuss some common themes that have emerged from their most recent books “Crack Capitalism” and “CommonWealth” and touch of the topics of organisation, democracy and institutionalism. The second part of the exchange will be published in Issue 15 of Shift magazine. July 2010 Dear John, One of the things I love about ‘Crack Capitalism’, which it shares… …

Global movement

TAKE THE CITY! (What´s new in Spanish Revolution)

  Hi comrades! We write you to spread a Spanish´ (Mallorca) iniciative called “take the town” (tomalaciudad). It´s about take empty places (private or statal properties) and make them squares, communitary gardens, places to meet each other and work together (Exarchia´s way). It is a political action based in assamblies, a critic of urban design, building a common space for the people. Sorry my english is not enough to describe… …

Global movement

California Police Peace Officer Standards, Training Crowd Management and Civil Disobedience Guidelines / CROWD MANAGEMENT AND CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE GUIDELINES: shared by

Void Network invites the friends and comrades to read, investigate, think and understand the methodologies and practices that USA and European Police uses to manipulate, passify and desolve the crowds of horizontal, anti-hierarchical and revolted communities in the streets and occupied squares of this world. The research platform Public Intelligence host (among many others) the  California Police Peace Officer Standards and Training Crowd Management and Civil Disobedience Guidelines featuring CROWD… …

Global movement

“All Power to the General Assemblies? Or, the Strange Case of Take Artists Space” by Trevor Owen Jones from ViewPoint Magazine

After the raid on Zuccotti Park early this morning [ ], what remains of Occupy Wall Street? The library was destroyed and thrown in the garbage; the kitchen and commune that fed and housed hundreds now gone. But what about the general assembly? The police violence demonstrates that the relevance of Occupy Wall Street as a political situation is by no means in its attempts, failures and very real… …

Global movement

Occupy Everything and the Politics of the Act

Many people wonder what it is that these new ‘occupy’ protests can accomplish, and have trouble envisioning the so-called “ends” of the movement. But the beauty of what is happening is not found in the “ends”, but the “means” that has been chosen. Politics is changing, and we can and should push it to be more localized. Politics, as many of us are accustomed to thinking of it, usually boils… …

Global movement

Photovoltaic Cells in Prapopoulou Squat , Athens

With the installation of photovoltaic cells in Prapopoulou Squat Athens,Greece starts an experiment of collective ownership and self-management ofenergy sources willing to cover our energy needs. 4 April11:00: collectively installation of photovoltaic cells and sharing skills.19:00: Self learning seminar of the function and installation ofphotovoltaics cells 5 April11:00: collectively installation of photovoltaic cells and sharingskills(continue)19:00: Update about copenghagen 2009 call for climate action by Farmacollective, conversation about radical ecology and… …

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