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Local movement

ΔΙΣΤΟΜΟ: Ενημέρωση για Κολωνό-Σεπόλια και κάλεσμα σε αντιφασιστική διαδήλωση στα Σεπόλια

Ο Κολωνός και τα Σεπόλια σαν γειτονιές αποτελούν τρανό παράδειγμα της εδαφικής εδραίωσης του παρακρατικού φασισμού. Με αφορμή την έναρξη Κυριακάτικου Σχολείου Ενισχυτικής Διδασκαλίας για παιδιά από την πακιστανική κοινότητα συγκροτήθηκε ένα αντιδραστικό-φασιστικό-παρακρατικό μπλοκ γονέων-κατοίκων-βουλευτών και ντόπιων υμνητών του Χίτλερ και των Ταγμάτων Ασφαλείας. Σήμερα Κυριακή, εμείς σαν Δίστομο επιλέξαμε την οργανωμένη παρουσία μας έξω από το 144ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Σεπολίων με σκοπό να αποτρέψουμε οποιαδήποτε οργανωμένη εμφάνιση του συγκεκριμένου… …

Global movement

Αnti-fascist march in London Cable Street, celebrating 80 years of anti-fascist resistance / Μεγάλη Αντιφασιστική πορεία στο Λονδίνο

  Anarchists and confrontational antifascists back in the streets of London in 9/10/2016 in memory of 80th anniversary of heroic Cable Street battle, the great day of Londoners struggle against English fascists, the 1936 Battle of Cable Street, which saw over 100,000 working-class residents in London’s East End oppose a march by Oswald Mosely’s British Union of Fascists, forcing them to abandon it entirely. Void Network expresses solidarity to all… …

Global movement

“How to Uphold White Supremacy by Focusing on Diversity and Inclusion. Liberalism’s inherent racism.” by KYRA a Chinese-Amerikan trans woman working to create space for radical racial justice

Since the civil rights movement, white people have exploited every opportunity to conceal their colonialist legacy and longstanding (ab)use of white supremacist power. They’ve proven time and again that they have no interest in rectifying that history, only in dealing with the fact that they could no longer deny the reality of those injustices. One effective tactic has been to separate white supremacy and colonialism from the way racism is… …


10 Outrageous Reasons Black People Were Lynched in America

For years the U.S. government allowed racist white lynch mobs to murder Black men, women and children for practically nothing. The lynchings were so absurd one could argue that Black people’s lives were little to no value at all.  In fact, between 1882 and 1930 in just the 10 southern U.S. states of Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, and South Carolina, 2,500 black people were lynched.… …

Global movement

The life and death of Ivan Khutorskoy, Russian Antifascist murdered in November 2009

Void Network: Day after day the conditions of life and death in Russian society becomes worst. It is obvious for all internationalists and social aware people that the Russian State is the worst neo-fascist / neo-capitalist State of the planet for this moment. The totalitarian neo-fascist capitalist regime of president Vladimir Putin and his buiseness friend’s protecting neo-nazi gangs, feeding Russian fascism as their last weapon to supress the social… …

Global movement

Support Infoshop!

This is a letter we recieved from Chuck Manson for and Infoshop News…We are asking all our friends to consider their participation and economical help to Infoshop as a really important move for the meintenance of the undergound global network of news, theory and information Dear Friends,I’m asking my friends and comrades to consider making a financial donation to the project. I know that many of us are… …

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