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November 2006

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Void Network presents Digital X from Florida U.S.A. in Electro Live Concert in Athens

Live Electro Concert in Athens D i g i t a l X from U.S.A. Orlando Florida (Sohma Records) Digital X >> he is a based producer on Sohma Records and will be appearing live playing a banging all-night set of electro techno and psychedelic tribal Coming from recent underground gigs in Hamburg, Germany and TelAviv, Israel he’s ready to set the roof on fire right here in Athens. +… …

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Void Network Manifesto #1

First Attempt at Communication We didn’t invent the following ideas…We are just a small wave in the ocean of the evolution of all these ideas, all libertarian atmospheres, dreams and revolutionary plans that keep expanding in the Vast Open Horizon. Void Network (Theory, Utopia, Empathy, Ephemeral Arts) Global Eye (London Void Network) WarCryCinema (New York Void Network) Void Network first appeared in Athens-Greece in 1990. Its aim is the radicalization… …

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Void Network proudly announces the “Open Dialogue” Laboratory

The “Open Dialogue” Void Network Laboratory will be “non public” situations and meetings that will take place in houses of friends in every two weeks. Eight people will participate in this Laboratory (two poets, one astrophysicist, one linguist and one anthropologist from Void Network and three independent political activists-thinkers). Other thinkers and activists will be invited according to the subject of the dialogue. This group of people will have the… …

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Void Network HISTORY- 2/6/2006 Athens Central Park Pedion Areos- Inner Space Art Poetry festival

ambient space dub wavesopen public autonomous ephemeral zone/ inner space art/ poetry night Friday 2 June 2006Pedion Areos / Athens Central Park Live Concert:Suku, Direct Connection, Paragga Sound System D.J. sets:Anna Mystic, Crystal Zero, Sissy Stardust, Raman Live Poetry Show:Tasos Sagris, Yiannis Raouzaios Live Poetry Soundtrack mix:Kinomatik Void Optical Art Laboratory (video art, computer arts, slide photograpghy):Global Eye(London Void Network), Yiannis Nisidis, Pantelis Pantelopoulos, Kinomatik, Vasilis Glarakis, Georgia Sagri, Fani… …

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About the translation of “Days Of Love Nights of War” in Greek language

In 8 November 2006 Void Network organized a wonderfull night in Nosotros (Free Social Space), dedicated to the reading of the new tranlations from the book “Days Of War, Nights Of Love” by the ( reading of the introduction and the first chapter). The people from the Void Optical Arts Laboratory prepared some great visuals for the night including all the pictures from the site of crimethinc and hundreds… …

Events/Void Network News

Void Reading Group Nights /Void Network and presents the book “Days of Love Nights of War” in Athens Greece

As a part of our Void Reading Group Nights we present in Nosotros (Free Social Space) in Wednesday 8 November 2006 the first two chapters of the wonderful book “Days of War Nights of Love” translated by Anastasios Sagris and Laboratory for Kosmo-Political Consciousness. The book “Days of War, Nights of Love” made by “crimethink ex-workers collective” as a tool for the arising of critical mind and as a personal… …

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Rock Live Concert in Squatted High School

In all of Greece, there are students fighting against commercialization of education resulting from capitalistic efforts to conquer all sides of life, all activities, all needs. 1100 High Schools and almost every university is squatted by these students …We fight as Void Network together with these students to stop these changes in education and so keep it Free for all and Public.We give our collective efforts to disallow governments and… …

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