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December 2009

Void Network News

1990-2010 // 20 YEARS OF VOID NETWORK

VOID NETWORK starting the 1990-2010 celebrations for the 20 years of non stop cultural, social and political activism publishes here an introductive interview taken by Jovenes en Resistencia Alternativa (Youth for Alternative Resistance)in Mexico City in Octomber 2008 Inteview of VOID NETWORK to J.R.A. (Jovenes en Resistencia Alternativa Youth for Alternative Resistance / Mexico City) for the «Seminario about «Other» Communication Tools» // Octomber 2008 1. When, Why and How… …

Global movement

Keny Arkana – Cinquième Soleil (The Fifth Sun)

Keny Arkana – Cinquième Soleil (The Fifth Sun) My species has lost its way, the mind overheating people hate each other, war of egos Twenty-first century, cynicism and mistrust Abuse of the Earth, guts full of madness borders, barricades, riots and screams, cries and blood baths, bombs exploding politics of fear, immoral science insurrection of a people, arms market New World Order, fusion of terror human the most predatory animal… …

Global movement

The Climate is Changing by Crimethic Ex-Workers Collective

The Climate is Changing… Void Network: As all of us were expecting Copenhagen Cop15 Climate Change Summit was a great fiasco. Now everyone is sure about it: Copenhagen Climate Change Summeit was a total failure… Is it possible to imagine that the same economical and political system destroying our planet, will be the same one that will save it? …Isn’t it stupid expecting the ones that killing our life to… …

Global movement

Copenhagen Climate Change Cop15 Demonstrations / Is Mass Arrests Our European Future?/ Police Raid Christiania: More Mass Arrests

After a long day of demonstrations against the Canadian Tar Sands, and the issues of climate change and migration activists have been tear-gassed and arrested by police while attending an evening party. The police appear to be trying to wear down street-level opposition through constant offensive action against activists. In the early evening Naomi Klein addressed a Reclaim Power party in Christiania. Later in the evening, in unclear circumstances, the… …

Global movement

Running in the Shadows / Children on Their Own By IAN URBINA

Clinton Anchors, 18, in Medford, Ore.,has been on his own, living in the streets and camping in the woodssince he was 12.Running in the Shadows Children on Their OwnThis is the first of two articles originaly published in New York Times on the growing number of young runaways in the United States, exploring how they survive. Running in the Shadows Children on Their Own By IAN URBINA Published in N.Y.… …

Void Network News

Underground Resistance/Psychedelic Trance party>>Sat.12 Dec.>> Occupied Livadia University

KENO ΔΙΚΤΥΟVOID NETWORK RESISTANCEpsychedelic tranceprogressive technodrum ‘n bass IRAKLIS MINDPHASERCRYSTAL ZEROTRITOSTEPHIGHPNOGLOSTERd.j. MAGNUS from U.K.+visuals:Void Optical Art LaboratorySaturday 12 December 2009 starts 23.00at theoccupied Universityof beautifull townLIVADIAΚΑΤΑΛΗΨΗΠΑΝΕΠΙΣΤΗΜΙΟΥΛΙΒΑΔΕΙΑΣ[ just 1.30 hour from Athens!Travel Awayand join the great night until late next morning! The Party will take placeinside university building and will be full protectedfrom rain…All Are Welcome! ] ΚΕΝΟ ΔΙΚΤΥΟVOID NETWORK Αγοράζουμε και πουλάμε διαρκώς… Αγοράζουμε και πουλάμε….Στις μεγαλουπόλεις η βία… …

Global movement

Iran Student Day 2009

Iranian youth, in 6 and 7 December, appeared again in the streets expressing a powerfull negation to Iranian regime. The totalitarian government of Iran refusing left’s, anarchist’s, homosexual’s and freak’s existance in Iran and fighting to eliminate any difference and dissent in the Iranian society. Void Mirror international blog and Void Network share here interesting information from Iran Student Day struggle, a day of memory and struggle for the youth… …

Void Network News

Δημόσια Κατάθεση μιας Αυτόπτου Μάρτυρος της Δολοφονίας του Αλέξη Γρηγορόπουλου // Testimony of Eyewitness of the Assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos

Δημόσια Κατάθεση μιας Αυτόπτου Μάρτυρος της Δολοφονίας του Αλέξη Γρηγορόπουλου. Η κοπέλα που μιλά σε αυτή την δημοσίευση έγινε γνωστή σε όλο τον κόσμο μέσα απο το βίντεο της δολοφονίας το οποίο κινηματογράφησε από το μπαλκόνι του σπιτιού της που βρήσκεται ακριβώς πάνω από το σημείο της δολοφονίας και πρόκηται να είναι μια από της βασικές μάρτυρες κατηγορίας του δολοφόνου αστυνομικού Επ.Κορκoνέα. Η μαρτυρία είναι ένα απόσπασμα από το βιβλίο… …

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