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15 years old English school student speaking about his generation

    Void Network publishes here an inspired speach of a wonderfull 15 years school student speaking about his experience of participation to the riots against austerity measures and cuts & fees on education in England during November and December 2010. His speach characterises the end of a social delusion created by totalitarian economic and political elites describing the new generation as apolitic and indifferent. We invite you see this… …

Global movement

Report From U.K. Student Struggle: More than 150000 students abandoned their classrooms in 24th November 2010 in U.K.

                        Void Network [Theory, Utopia, Empathy, Ephemeral Arts] More than 150.000 students abandoned their classrooms in 24th November 2010 in U.K. participating in occupations of universities, demonstrations, sit-ins and teach-ins all over U.K. making it the biggest wave of student protests and occupations in a generation. First reports say around 20,000 on today’s march in London. Marches in… …

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        WALKOUT OF YOUR SCHOOL, COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY ON 24 NOVEMBER Make the walkout happen Walkouts have been one of the major ways school and college students in Britain have traditionally shown their discontent. They took place at hundreds of schools and colleges against the Iraq war in 2003, against “third world” debt in 2005, and several colleges walked out against cuts and privatisation in 2009-10, including… …

Global movement

Void Network : Statement of Solidarity to the U.K. Student struggle

Statement from the occupation of Sussex University:   This afternoon, over 170 students occupied the lecture theatre in the Fulton building at the University of Sussex in protest of the trebling of tuition fees and the attack on our education system. In light of Wednesday’s demonstration, which saw 52,000 people come out in opposition to the government’s proposed cuts to education and raising of fees, we feel it is necessary for… …

Global movement

Student fees protest in London U.K.: ‘This is just the beginning’ // Student protest: we are all in this together

                Void Network and Void Mirror international blog publishes  two articles from today’s  Guardian newspaper about the student struggle in  U.K. and Ireland, a struggle  that  creates hopes to all of  us about  the arising of critical thought and fearless action  against neo-liberal capitalism  and social, economical and  political  inequality and totalitarianism  in United Kingdom.  We express our solidarity  to all students and… …

Global movement

75000 people marched in London against the invasion of Israelians in Gaza

In 10 January 2009 around 75,000 people gathered in London to express their disgust at the barbaric invasion of Gaza by the Israeli military. Demonstrators marched to the Israeli embassy and were met by police who had clearly planned for a violent confrontation. Police in riot armour and Nato helmets were deployed from within the embassy after shoes were thrown at it and the situation quickly transforms into rioting a… …

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