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Can the pandemic labor shortage help us envision a world without work?

written by Abigail Susik As the omicron variant sweeps through American communities, many of our workplaces and institutions are grinding to a halt. With nurses, teachers and other essential workers getting ill or quarantining, we are facing disruptions at schools and in hospitals. Some employers are seeking stopgap measures, trying to hire rapidly to fill open jobs, begging for community volunteers to help keep things running and even lowering requirements… …


Under Neoliberalism, You Can Be Your Own Tyrannical Boss- by. MEAGAN DAY

A new study finds an alarming rise in a novel form of psychological distress. Call it “neoliberal perfectionism.” A new study by Thomas Curran and Andrew Hill in the journal Psychological Bulletin finds perfectionism is on the rise. The authors, both psychologists, conclude that “recent generations of young people perceive that others are more demanding of them, are more demanding of others, and are more demanding of themselves.” When identifying the root cause of… …


“Wrong to work! Two perspectives on the abolition of work” by Joseph Kay

ALL MUST WORK! declares the cabinet of millionaires. ‘Workers not shirkers!’, they implore. ‘Strivers not skivers!’ The divide-and-rule rhetoric trying to pit those in work against those without is as relentless as it is transparent. But what’s so good about work anyway? Junge Linke’s short piece nicely skewers how attempts to mobilise resentment of claimants and the unemployed undermine even those in work who aren’t claiming benefits. What I’d like to focus… …


“The Privatisation of Stress”, by Mark Fisher from Soundings magazine

                      Ivor Southwood tells the story of how, at a time when he was living in a condition of underemployment – relying on short-term contracts given to him at the last minute by employment agencies – he one morning made the mistake of going to the supermarket.1 When he returned home he found that an agency had left him a… …


To Everyone Feeling Screwed Over by the Economy! Alternatives to Political Systems, Consumerism, Economics, Population, Society, Village Development — by Kyle Chamberlain

To everyone feeling screwed over by the economy,   We are told that our problem is that there aren’t enough jobs. This message is everywhere. The media gauges our plight with regularly updated unemployment statistics. Politicians debate theatrically over who can create more work. People everywhere clamor for scarce positions at factories and corporations. I’d like to point out the great irony of this situation — people hate their jobs.… …

Global movement

“Social Mobility (in U.S.A.)? No, there is not!”, by UnderstandingSociety

  We often think of the United States as a place with a lot of social mobility. What exactly does this mean? And is it true? Ironically, the answer appears to be a fairly decisive “no.” In fact, here’s a graph from a 2005 New York Times series on income mobility that shows that the United States ranks second to last among Great Britain, US, France, Canada, and Denmark when… …


99 Excuses for Skipping Out of Work

Most of us we HATE WORK and we are searching all possible ways to survive with or without it, to build sustainable social relations of mutual aid and to use all possible excuses and tricks for skipping out from work… Here you can find 99 smart and good excuses for many many free days.  Try to use these days as best as you can for yourself and the people around… …

Global movement

The Psychopathology Of Work by Penelope Rosemont

    The Psychopathology Of Work by Penelope Rosemont Work, now? Never, never. I’m on strike. – Arthur Rimbaud  Depersonalization and alienation from our deepest desires is implanted during childhood via school, church, movies, and TV, and soon reaches the point where an individual’s desire is not only a net of contradictions, but also a commodity like all the others. “True life” always seems to be just a bit beyond… …

Global movement

1968 and Doors to New Worlds by John Holloway

1968? Why talk about 1968? There are so many urgent things happening. Let’s talk of Oaxaca and Chiapas and the danger of civil war in Mexico. Let’s talk of the war in Iraq and the rapid destruction of the natural preconditions of human existence. Is this really a good moment for old men to sit back and reminisce? But perhaps we need to talk of 1968 because, even in the… …

Global movement

We Can Live Without Capitalism / Stop Paying Back Your Loans To The Banks!

banks that have been affected by the idea of 17-s WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT CAPITALISM is an initiative in which people participate as individuals, even though they are an active group of people in different social movements. Behind this publication there is no institution, company, nor organization. They are people you may usually find in campaigns to denounce the current system and to construct alternatives, people like you could be.… …

Global movement

The Tyranny Of The Clock by George Woodcock

THE TYRANNY OF THE CLOCK George Woodcock (1912-1995) In no characteristic is existing society in the West so sharply distinguished from the earlier societies, whether of Europe or the East, than in its conception of time. To the ancient Chinese or Greek, to the Arab herdsman or Mexican peon of today, time is represented by the cyclic processes of nature, the alternation of day and night, the passage from season… …

Global movement

Enraged About Corporate Greed? Kidnap Your Boss By Christopher Ketcham

Enraged About Corporate Greed? Kidnap Your Boss By Christopher Ketcham, AlterNet. Posted April 30, 2009The French have taken to bossnapping — “sequestering” their bosses while keeping them comfortable and safe — to protest economic unfairness. In answer to their own economic crisis, the French have taken up “bossnapping.” Here’s how it works: An executive of a company, perhaps the CEO, stands before a group of his employees, puts his hands… …

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